Liuli Chinese Glass Dog Sculpture

Liuli is an ancient word for Chinese glass art. This ancient art was originally unknown to the rest of the world until China opened its doors. The history of this type of glass artwork originated about 3000 years ago in the Chinese imperial dynasties. During these times, only the imperial families could possess this artwork. This type of glass artwork is incorporates multi-colored glass crystal made by hand using an ancient technique. The process to make this type of glass is different from others: it requires over 20 steps. Instead of one mold that can make multiple pieces, creating liuli uses a "lost-wax" technique where the mold is lost and it is impossible to create two identical pieces. The rate of completion of one piece of glass artwork is about 70% successful. The beauty of the liuli comes from the color and air bubbles within the piece. The reason liuli is more expensive than crystal is because of its many colors, its production procedure and success rate, and the uniqueness of each piece. This is a very nice item for gift with the original box. The dimension is 2 1/2"(W)x2"(H)x1"(D)

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